Forex Trading

With forex trading, one can exchange international currencies and trade assets through a centralized platform. Forex is said to have a turnover of $5.1 trillion per day. To start forex trading, you need to buy a foreign currency and sell another asset. The circulation of money remains constant this way, which is how the forex trading platform works. As the name suggests, Forex trading means the exchange of international currencies. It is considered as one of the biggest markets in the world in terms of turnover per day. Forex trading can be done with the opening of a short/sell or longy/buy trading. The short/sell trade forecasts whether the currency will fall or not whereas, the long/buy trade predicts the rise of a currency. The predictions depend on the market, news, and daily reports.


Stock Exchange Index means a compilation of shares under similar circumstances. If you are trading indices, it means that you are trading a bunch of stocks at once. The purpose of indices is to provide investors with a hint on which direction the company’s stocks are going. Indices trading may not get affected by the news and reports regarding an industry. For instance, if you hold shares of an oil company, there is news that oil prices are going up. Not all oil companies need to react to this news. Some companies may grow at a slower rate than others. This is where the stock index plays its part; it helps understand the investor’s overall trend without assessing other companies’ position.


Exchange-Traded Funds, also known as ETFs, are investment fund which is more like mutual funds. However, the difference between ETFs and Mutual Funds is that you can buy stocks in ETFs throughout the day, whereas in mutual funds, the stocks can only be bought at the end of the day. With ETFs, you can invest in several industrial sectors.


In this type of investment, you can have contracts for a specific type of asset, which will allow you to buy or sell that asset at a fixed time in the future. Buyer and seller determine the final price of the futures contract. The expiration date is a specified date of the future payment for every future.

MT4 and MT5

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTradr5 are online trading platforms that allow investors to invest in Forex, stocks, indices, and Futures. These are a simple user interface that will enable users to access advanced trading analytics and flexible trading systems. However, there are some differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. But the main aim of both of them is the same.